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Matt agreed with Nate. Nancy doesn't have to do this.

Of course, Nancy had already killed a handful of people. He doubted whatever Nate wanted from her - an apology, or something, that he would perhaps graciously accept on the behalf of all those she's violently killed - would be even remotely sincere. Nancy was, as far as he knew, a psychopath who decided to start murdering other people.

Decided. That was the key word for him. She knew what she was doing and she probably thought she could get away with it. He could only guess what drove them to make that decision. Maybe, deep down, some of classmates really wanted to kill someone. Maybe it was the circumstances or maybe it was the fact that there was no guilt in killing someone if you tell yourself that you had to do it. He didn't know. He just didn't know.

Matt tore his eyes off of one of Nancy's many victims and turned towards the door, towards Nate. He didn't know, and to be frank, he didn't fucking care.

"She's fucking crazy. I don't give a rat's ass if she was your fucking girlfriend, dude, we gotta stop her before she kills anyone else. I, shit, I don't know." Sure, he wanted to do something about the ever lovable psychopath called Nancy Kyle. Maybe that something was pushing her off a cliff, or maybe it could be something less lethal. He didn't know.

"I guess you can try talking to her if you want, man. I don't think it's gonna work. I really, really don't."
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