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(( Jonathan Gulley continued from Return of the Manatee))

Jonathan walked to the doorstops of Dorm B. This was the closest area to the Radio Tower, and Darius probably thought it was a good idea to head here as well. He hoped so anyways...

He sat down and thought of his plan. They were going to have another day to do it after all...

He pulled out his tape recorder. Maybe he should do something with this?

He looked back at the trail he came from.

What about Brendan? He won the 'best' kill award... He might be heading this way to get his prize. Jonathan would have to confront him to see why he killed Jeremiah.

He needed a moment to calm down. There were a lot of things happening at once, he just had to slow down. The Radio Tower had no power, but maybe they could give it some? Maybe a gas generator at the vehicle depot. If they could get some gasoline and fix it up... There was a very real probability of living. But then again, their collars could get blown.

They'd need to get rid of the collars first. There had to be something they could use. EMP's or something. Maybe even radio signals?

He leaned his back against the wall and sat down.

"Damn, Barry... What'd you think we should do?"

He awaited an answer that'd never come.
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