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Nate didn’t really react to Ben and Matt's own horror at the scene. He was too busy thinking about the name that Ben had dropped, the one responsible for who was lying in front of them all.

Nate knew Nancy. He knew her like he did so many people at school, including some of those who had died, but he knew her just a little bit more. They had been in drama club together, worked together on some scenes, had a good time together along with the rest of the group. She had always been so friendly, so energetic, so quirky. Nate liked Nancy.

So why? Why had she done something like this? What had Sandy done to deserve to be killed by her? What had any of them done to deserve any of it?

“I don’t believe it…” he whispered. He was still looking at the corpse as he said it, gripping his arms as he shook, but he forced himself to look away, to direct his words at Ben and Matt.

“Nancy was so nice, and we were club buddies. I don’t get why she’d do this.”

This was the part where the tears might’ve started, but they still hadn’t. There was too much disbelief, too little understanding of why after three days they were spiralling further and further into this Hell on Earth. He wasn’t willing to just break down and go with it any more.

There was a moment's pause before he continued. “We need to find her.”

“I want to find her and find out why, and then I want to tell her to stop it, because this is all just wrong.”

The sight of Sandy’s body sucked in his gaze again.

“She doesn’t have to do this. None of us have to do this.”

But he tore himself away, looking to his two friends, pleading with them to agree.
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