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"Yeah at least Brady and B.B. are alright." Selfishly Cameron had forgotten about Brady and B.B. until Enza had brought them up. She wondered how they were doing and coping with what had happened. She hoped they were alright and that eventually everything would turn out OK for them. Cameron didn't want what had happened to ruin their lives. They couldn't have done anything to chance or stop it. Cameron didn't want them to carry what had happened with them their whole lives.

"Is it a boy or girl day by the way? I want to make sure, y'know since don't want to be rude." Cameron's question may have seemed low on the totem pole of things they needed to worry about but she had always been careful to make sure to confirm. It just felt more polite to check and make sure.

Obviously the real reason she was asking was that it was something to talk about so they could stay distracted. Something they could hopefully spiral off into a fully-fledged conversation. Just something to take away from the oppressive silence. Cameron just needed some form of noise to take her mind off everything. She normally had music to listen too or at least have Vans around to talk too. Her mind being allowed to wander always lead to dark thoughts, and she didn't want to experience them in the situation she was in.

Letting out a sigh Cameron leaned back.

"I don't know what to do Human."
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