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Kimiko appreciated Caleb not probing any further more than he may have realised. He didn't want to ask and she didn't want to talk about it. She was scared of how he would react when he heard about Bradley though and that tempered her feelings of happiness at them finding each other. Thankfully Caleb didn't dwell on the point either, quickly moving the conversation on before things became awkward.

She smiled at the frown he put on and raised her hands to respond.

"Is my company not good enough for you?"

Again she found herself escaping her surroundings, enjoying the moment briefly before everything snapped back into place whenever she blinked. Caleb rolled over and adopted a pose like a sleeping dog...or a lazy cat. Kimiko couldn't immediately decide which, but Caleb had always struck her as more of a cat. She smiled again at his question even though she knew that she shouldn't be losing herself in his company. Not after what had just happened on the slopes. But she was finding she couldn't help herself.

"It would help if I was because no offence, not sure the superpower of being able to vacuum up cigarettes is very useful. She grinned at him as she said it, to make sure he knew that she was only playing around with him. "But thanks for saving me back there." She meant that part.

Her ears pricked up momentarily until she realised it was just Caleb's stomach, which reminded Kimiko that she still had part of her prize left. Her pack dropped off her shoulders as Kimiko searched until she found the wrapped up pizza slices. Carefully placing them on the floor she unfolded their bandage covering and pushed it into the space between of the two of them. She hadn't been able to bring herself to eat all of it when she had been alone, but sharing it helped alleviate her guilt.

"Here they gave me this."
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