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((Skipping with permission.))

Asuka was calm now. Really. She'd hit her peak, and now that the throbbing of blood was fading, she didn't really care about any of the shit Jerry was spewing now. They were just words, now. And everyone knows that words never hurt anyone, right? Right.

Asuka shook her head. She was in a room. She was having a shouting match with Jerry. The fucker was pissing her off. He was really pissing her off. So pissed, in fact, that she was. Um.

But it was no good. Already, she felt like an actress dropped into the middle of some hyper-real set, and everyone was looking at her and she couldn't remember her lines. Figuring out what thoughts she should be having right now was just making her dissociate more.

Well. Only one way to change that.

Jerry Fury was a sociopath. Or not. If he wasn't, there'd be hell to pay. If he was...well. Asuka would rather not think about that possibility. She wasn't suicidal. Well, she was, but she wasn't that suicidal. She had her goal and her vision. She wouldn't stake her life like this if she wasn't pretty damn sure he wasn't actually that evil, which was actually a pretty risky bet if you thought about it because c'mon they were just kidnapped by terrorists the other day to play a death game, but anyways--fuck it. She had nothing to lose but her life, and if she was proven wrong then life would've been pretty shit anyways.

Only one way to find out.

"Okay. If that's the game you want to play."

She felt histrionic as fuck. That was okay. What she was doing was histrionic as fuck. Carefully, methodically, she took out the gun, checked if it was loaded. Safety off. Slid it over to Jerry.

"Prove it, then. Blow my brains out. One less person you have to survive longer than. Then you can go skip your merry way and laugh as you gun down everyone else. Or whatever."

Okay, so maybe he wouldn't actually do that. That didn't matter. What mattered was the implication that she actually believed he could be capable of doing that.

Try me.
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