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Jasper left. Leslie lay in the sand without answering Tara's question. Junko snapped and growled like a chained dog.

The fire was dying, it's toxic-sweet smoke curling up into the air, its embers dulling. The pounding in Tara's bandaged arm hadn't stopped. She didn't want it to. Pain brought focus and clarity. Pain kept her aware of the necessities. Of all that would be required of her, before she was to die happy. Like Cris. Like...

Like so many.

She rose slowly, almost fell as her head swam dizzily. She allowed herself a drink of water as the silence stretched, and a nibble from one of the ration bars. She stared at nothing.

"We're all gonna die," Tara said.

She put everything back in her bag, and rose to her feet. Her head swam again, but this was easier to deal with. Her throat didn't feel quite so dry.

"Me," she said. "You. Her." She jerked her head to Leslie, and then up in the direction Jasper had gone. "Him, too. One of us might walk away. But that's no guarantee. And if you do, what? A couple decades? We were always dying."

She moved towards Junko. "You want to go down swinging 'cause you think you'll get to live? That's dumb. You want to go down swinging 'cause that's the only way you can live with yourself?" She smiled, and it softened her severe face. "I think that's beautiful."

She crossed over to Leslie, looked down at the tall girl, smiling still. "You're gorgeous, by the way," Tara said. "I always thought so. Just wanted to make sure you knew."

But there was no time for anything but passing conversations, learning as many stories as she could, and she needed to get moving again. Time was short. She couldn't see the hourglass, but she knew she was running out of sand.

She started running again, her neck aching, her arm pounding, a smile on her face.

"Go down swinging," she whispered thoughtfully, as though tasting the words and trying to decide if she liked them.

(Tara Behzad continued In This Starless Night)
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