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(Lizzie Luz continued from We're Here Because We're Here)

The announcements awoke Lizzie. She listened to the names, felt a moment's burning in her eyes at the ones she recognized as she curled in on herself in the little nest she'd made for herself. Oh, Sabrina. So little, so delicate, with her crazy fucking parents and the love of women she had to keep close to her chest, because she knew what the family what their crazy-ass family would say, what kind of stupid fucking fights it would start. And now Nancy fucking Kyle had killed her, too?

There was no laugh on Lizzie's lips anymore. Lettie, Tina, and Sabrina, all gone. All killed. And there was no sign of Tyler, no matter where she looked.

She had tried, all the previous day. She traced her way along the outskirts of buildings: she wandered across the wild lawns and the clifftops, searching for any sign of him. She couldn't find him anywhere.

The hours stretched on, and Lizzie wasn't searching with the same intensity. She kept moving, because she didn't know what else to do. Later in the day, she slipped off her and stuck her bare feet in the ocean. She'd always loved the ocean: it was just so big. She considered stripping down and plunging into that cold water, swimming as far as she could, but...

But that was just a form of suicide, wasn't it? And she didn't want to kill herself. She wanted to find Tyler. She wanted to make sense of all this, while she could. If she could.

Lettie Tina Sabrina

When night had drawn a curtain across the island, she had found herself a place to sleep. But it felt too exposed, so she had shoved the couch back against the table, making herself a little lea where no one could see her if they looked into the room. She was still curled there now, thinking of Tina, of Sabrina, of Lettie, and of Nancy fucking Kyle.

She wanted to kill Nancy.

The thought surprised her so much that she sat upright at once, her mouth slightly open. She wanted to kill her. She wanted to wrap her hands around her neck and watch the life drain from her eyes. She wanted to cut into her flesh and see her bleed. She wanted-

She didn't want this. She shouldn't want this. But she...that fucker had...!

The door opened. Lizzie froze, more in guilt than fear, as though somehow the people entering the room could have heard her awful thoughts, and seen the terrible things she was imagining. She listened to their voices. She hesitated, but...

But this was a new day, and she had too many thoughts in her head. She wanted to talk to someone. She needed to. And she might not have found the courage, except...

Except one of the voices named Nancy, with a note of rage, frustration, and fear in his voice.

"Uh, hey!" she called, from behind her couch fort. "It's, uh...Lizzie! Lizzie Luz! I'm not, uh..."

Shit. Should she say she wasn't armed? There were a lot more killers on the island now.

"I'm not playing!" she called. "Looking for Tyler Yazzie! And...and maybe...

Maybe I'll find Nancy Kyle and pry her eyes from her fucking sockets.

"Uh..." she said, in a trembling voice, afraid of this fire in her belly. "What...what about you?"
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