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The warm light broke through the windows of the cabin, illuminating bright spots throughout and highlighting drifting bits of dust that glinted and shimmered.

Kimiko sat down next to him and he rolled onto his side. He forgot everything that had happened before that point for a moment. She hesitated to answer and given how he was even able to find her due to collecting a kill award, it was easy to infer why.

"Don't tell me whatever happened. I don't give a shit," he said quietly.

<Ok, you're better. But how does that help ME?> he signed, making an exaggerated frown.

He stretched out, laying on his side and looked up at her with his arms dead out in front of him giving him somewhat the appearance of being a giant house cat. It was true, he absolutely didn't care who she killed or why and an explanation one way or the other wouldn't change anything.

"You'd tell me if you were really a Wolverine clone, right? You'd have this in the bag," he mumbled warily.

He wanted to say more to her. He wanted to let her know that he felt like his heart had been replaced by a rock ever since he'd woken up. Everything he did felt pointless. He was just a puppet that was prolonging his own suffering while dancing for whoever put them up to all of this. If he were braver he'd tell her how much she meant to him, but Caleb didn't think himself very brave. He didn't think himself much of anything remarkable. But like she said, for now, it was better.

In the middle of his musings his stomach growled loudly.

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