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For a few seconds, Matt could find nothing to say - he just stared at the corpse. At what was formerly known as Sandy, currently a rotting corpse in a waterlogged basement in the middle of stark fucking nowhere. The level of decay was a lot worse than he thought it was, initially.. still recognizable, but definitely not a pretty sight. That, combined with the cause of death - it didn't take a genius to figure out that his final moments couldn't exactly be considered enjoyable - was enough to make him feel sick. That, and the smell.. the smell, of course, couldn't really have been helped - he wondered what it was. The corpse, the room, or the combination of both.

He fought back the urge to vomit. Whoever Sandy was, he didn't go peacefully. He didn't go quietly, either. He could only keep staring at the body as he imagined how hard he must have fought in his final moments - at least, he hoped he did.

"Fuck. Fuck, I wasn't ready for this. Fucking hell."

Slowly, he started to back away, towards the door.. stopping just short of exiting the room entirely. Then, Ben spoke, reminding him that there were other people with him. The closest thing he had to friends. Why are we letting this happen, he said. That's a good question, Matt thought. Why is anyone letting this happen - the fact that his esteemed peers from Cochise had seemed to immediately degenerate into wanton, senseless violence boggled the mind. Oh, he was certain there were more than a few justifications.. like the sword hanging above everyone's head - one person has to be killed per day or else everyone dies. He knew that. Everyone else knew that, he was sure, but how many murders can you justify that way?

He didn't care to think too long on what their justifications were. He certainly knew he had one; stopping them. He only considered it for a moment before asking the question.

"Who the fuck did this?"
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