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He sounded less impressive than Ben remembered him. He remembered someone inhuman, something... monstrous.

Well, he was monstrous, right? Right? He was the one responsible for the entire situation, and he was sitting somewhere with a microphone, gloating and smiling, probably, at his handiwork. What else could you call that, but evil?

Yeah, but he didn't sound like he was Satan himself, he thought. He sounded like.. like a... he...

He confirmed Ben's deduction. Someone had died, and that was why he lived. No, people had died. More than one. He sat down on the bed as Mr. Danya spoke, numbly listening to him rattle off names. First person, Jennifer Su. He didn't recognise the name, but she hadn't been killed. She had just died.


Why was that better?

"No murder." He felt the justification rest on his tongue, but he just stopped himself from speaking it aloud.

Yeah, but...

Second person, Florentina Luz. Third person, Isabelle Ramirez. First victim, first killer. And the mute girl hadn't had a part in it. Had he been wrong about her, or were there more than one people depraved enough to commit murder? He didn't know, but either would mean he'd been dead wrong in one of his conclusions on the day before. He didn't like being wrong, not that wrong.

He didn't recognise either of these names either. Florentina Luz? Probably from the Luz clan. Was she...?

But Danya didn't stop to let him think.

Nancy Kyle. No idea who she was. Second killer. Christ, how many were there? Third dead, Scarlett McAfee. Died horribly. Ben felt nauseous at the very idea of a hatchet slicing into somebody. At the very least, he didn't know her.

"That shouldn't make you feel better," he scolded himself, though his heart wasn't into it. He found it difficult to transcend his numbness over the whole ordeal and make it personal. Making it personal would make him feel awful. It might make him snap again.

The next name almost managed it, though. Kimiko Kao. The name that had been lurking in the back of his head since the day before. A sinking feeling took hold of him, dragging the minute satisfaction he had over being right down with it. All he could do was nod his head and say "Yup". Three people who had killed. Four people, now including a guy called Cristóbal Morales (never heard of him either), dead.

But it didn't stop there. He heard the names, but didn't know the faces. If someone asked him who had done what, who was dead and who had killed, he would have difficulty answering. The dead were gone, but the living weren't any less distant. Barry Banks, Alvaro Vacanti, Abigail Floyd, Conrad Harrod (Ben vaguely remembered the name. Did he talk to him once?), Harold Porter, Isabelle Ramirez (again), Alex Tarquin, Rea Adams and Joshua Bracewell.

Ben now regretted having such a small social circle. He had friends, but he now realised that everybody else had made little impression on him. And, probably, he on them. No wonder he had so severely misjudged them before! He didn't know squat about any of them.

At the end of the speech, Danya mentioned that the supply depot, whatever that was, had become a danger zone - he remembered that part of the introduction now. Then Danya mentioned Kimiko again. Though she had only killed once, her kill had been the "best" (disgusting use of that word) apparently. However wrong he had been about his classmates overall, his quick and dirty assessment of Kimiko had been right on the money, apparently.

The assessment that had rightly assumed that she wasn't as strict as he was, morally. Perhaps he should take that as a guideline for judging how people would act, instead? Ben felt bad at that idea, but he couldn't let it go. After all, that one had given results. "No....", he whispered. He didn't want to. How could he live life peacefully if...? He almost laughed. The time for that was over. Besides, as proven by the day before, he himself wasn't as strict as he would like to be.

"Arrrgghhh...", he moaned. He couldn't believe he was considering this. How could he start treating people like that? But then he had a thought. Who did he know who was as basically as strict as he was? Who hadn't freaked out, and had taken his freak out in his stride? Who, Ben knew, had illicit urges that he had kept in check for years now?

It was almost meant to be. Perhaps it really was.

He walked over to the door and opened it. He couldn't think what he'd have done, who he'd have gone to talk to if Maxim hadn't been his friend.

Huh. Where was Lili?
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