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The wind howled around the top of the supply depot.

((Isabel Ramirez continued from Be Prepared))

Isabel had spent quite some time wandering around after she had killed Danny. She ended up sleeping in a tree when she couldn't find shelter when night fell before awaking to another set of announcements detailing the dwindling numbers of her fellow students.

It didn't take long for Isabel to see the imposing figure of the storehouse and decide to make her way to the top of it to get a good look at her surroundings. The wind picked up from a gentle breeze as she ascended to the helipad on top of the building, only for her to be greeted by the sight of some kid sitting at the edge of the building. He was distracted treating some sort of wound. He didn't see her, and probably couldn't hear her over the wind blowing.

Isabel could easily just walk right up and push him right off the edge of the building. The fall would probably kill him and then that would be that. It'd be the easiest kill she's gotten so far. Letting a chance to eliminate some of the competition like this would be such a waste. Isabel slowly tip toed towards him, doing her best to keep her halberd and bag from clattering and potentially alerting her newest victim. She wouldn't get too much enjoyment out of doing this, but that didn't matter right now. The main goal was still just to survive. Anything else was secondary.

Isabel stood, just a few feet away from the boy, glaring at him, sizing him up, determining exactly how hard she'd have to kick him to make him fall off. As she looked, she caught a glimpse of a weapon in his bag. Another bonus to killing him. This was probably the easiest decision she's made so far.

And just like that, Isabel deftly moved forward, abandoning all pretense of stealth and kicked the boy right in his back, sending him, and his bag, off the edge of the building just as he turned around to get a glimpse of his killer.
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