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Keith's fingers tightened around the crappy radio. The lone response was pathetic. Sure, it's not like most people would have come in with an idea of what to do if they were abducted for SOTF, but most people had an idea of what their friends were like. Like hey, if your friends found hospitals creepy, they probably wouldn't hang out at the asylum. Or if they were constantly afraid of people, they would hide out in the basement, because who would bother looking in that flooded mess? Edgy atheists probably would avoid the chapel like the plague.

Keith was surprised they didn't have any idea. Shit, Alice didn't even bother to respond. They were probably on a pointless quest, but to make sure, he had another question.

He exhaled loudly.

"So what's the plan here? Shit, like, how does this help? Or are we just wandering around until Nancy chops off our heads?"

He knew that expressing his frustration so obviously probably wouldn't get the best answers, but fuckin' shit, unless they knew their friends could get them off the island, he was probably spinning his wheels with this plan.
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