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At first she felt like a dolt standing there waving at two people she didn't interact much with back home, but when both of them responded in kind, Serena started to close the distance between them. As she got closer, she recognized that the girl was Mel, she didn't know her that well back home though she seemed nice, she looked like she'd been through less than Aiden at least.

"Thanks for being friendly... I need it after the night I've had." she said as she rubbed one of her eyes, both felt heavy after she had not slept throughout the night, a dumb mistake that she would pay for.

Once she got closer to them, she noticed the blood on Aiden looked dry, he didn't look hurt from what she could tell, but it wouldn't be bad to ask right? "Um...are you hurt...?" She gestured at his shirt. "Y'know..with all that..." The word wouldn't come out, it was still insane to her that one of her classmates was standing in front of her; shirt caked in blood, his or someone else's.
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