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Kimiko allowed Caleb to gently guide her into the cabin and place her down. He followed it up by collapsing, and then making a terrible joke that she couldn't help grinning at as she sat herself cross-legged on the floor. It was pleasant to forget even for a moment that everything wasn't normal. Unfortunately, it was just that, a second. Reality immediately followed when he asked her how she was and her grin fell away with its coming.

It was a question Kimiko wasn't sure she could answer. Honestly she wasn't sure how she was, she wasn't good but at the same time things seemed good for her now. Caleb's appearance had made her happy and she felt guilty about it. She had ruined two families lives.

Kimiko raised her hands to answer but they fell limply into her lap. No words or ideas were forthcoming, just an empty feeling of regret at everything. Maybe she thought everything would have been different if she had woken up and found Caleb. It was an empty train of thought, she knew that.

Raising her shaking hands again Kimiko managed to sign out a response. It was the first time she had said something since they'd been kidnapped.

"Better now." She managed, a weak smile appearing again.
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