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i'm not upset
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Kimiko ran at him and wrapped her arms around him, knocking the wind out of him. Caleb let out the breath he'd been holding and wheezed. He dropped his bag and returned the hug.

"It wasn't fuckin' easy to keep up with you. Grandpa smokes like a chimney."

He lifted her just barely off the ground while still in the hug, took two steps into the cabin and put her down so that they were inside. Caleb then kicked the door shut and shortly after, collapsed lazily onto the floor with his limbs sprawled out haphazardly.

"It's times like these that make me go 'Maybe I should quit smoking.' But then like, here we are. I think the chances of me dying from lung cancer are pretty Virginia slims. Eeeyyy?"

He looked up at her from the floor with an uncharacteristic big smile across his face and bright blue eyes that made him look much closer to his perennially cheerful counterpart. The cabin seemed small, but adequate. He was tired both from the activity and from having not slept, but was now enveloped in a pleasant coziness. Caleb was just happy that she was happy to see him.

<How are you feeling, shorty?> he signed sloppily without sitting up.

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