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((Al continued from Start Your Day With A Smile))

Al found himself back in the Staff Area. The place where he left Mia and Serena. Was it really a day ago? The corridor seemed so weird. But, he walked to a different location instead. When he opened the door of the Storage Closet, there were spiders webs and it was dark. That were not good circumstances for him to fearlessly enter it. But.

Be a man. Get over it.

Not only over the darkness. But over Vanessa as well.

Al had to move on. He could not be on the island whining about it. He needed to focus. Progress.

Crying was not a solution. What was, however a solution was to change his plan. He should be rational, not emotional. Do not think about Vanessa. Think about what he could do now, on the island.

So when he further moved into the big room, he saw a familiar face. And familiar fingers of a guitarist.


The one Vanessa searched for. Back in Cochise, she spent time with Vanessa. All the time. While he had never really had the chance to do so. Would Vanessa be glad if Al brought Cam and her together? Would she like him again, then? No. She would never like him. Al hoped she regretted not staying with him, though. If they had stayed together, they would have found her together.

But Al could not get why Vanessa wanted to meet her, instead of him. Why she was so much more important to her than him. Alessio was just as interesting as Cameron. Why not him? He could play guitar as well. He was a human as well. Heck, he was weaker than Cameron, needed more company than Cameron. No, no, no, wrong thoughts. He was strong. He could be alone. Stay alone. Without her.

Momentarily, he had no idea what to do in the situation. He was confused, angered, felt bad.

Alessio looked at Cameron Herrig. Frowned. No word to her. He picked up the weapon from the shelf and eyed it. Why was it lying around? Was it her assigned weapon? A pickaxe like the ones from Minecraft? A useless aesthetic item or even useable as a...weapon?
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