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Kimiko let out a sigh of relief and tucked the tantō back into her pocket when she heard the voice. It was Caleb. She assumed he had been the one that had followed her from the slopes, which in turn meant he had saved her. After everything that had happened, despite her killing two people, when she needed help the most Caleb had been there to give it to her. She almost felt like crying. Instead a stupid grin tried to work it's way across her face.

Moving out of the corner Kimiko pulled the door open. There he was, tall as ever, she had to crane her head up just to see his face. Still it was the first person Kimiko was genuinely happy to see since she had woken up. It was good to know he was alright and selfishly she was happy that it appeared he didn't hate her for what she had done.

In a sudden rush of emotion that she couldn't help Kimiko dove forward and wrapped her arms around Caleb.

She wondered if he'd mind, but truthfully she didn't care. She was just glad he was there.
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