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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Jerry's knuckled tightened. He opened his mouth to say something...

And he just laughed. He laughed, and the tension left his shoulders and he took a step towards the door, a side-stop closer to where Noodle had been poking through.

"Holy shit." Jerry snickered, shaking his head in disbelief. "You're pathetic. I call you weak, and you're just crying some more? You wanna know what's gonna happen when I wake up tomorrow morning?" Jerry paused, let a crowd that wasn't there boo. Hey, in essence, he had already gone out there and said the thing that needed to be said and that made him the bad guy. Sometimes audiences liked the bad guy, though. "When I hear your name? I'm gonna say 'Good! That's one less person I've gotta live longer than!'"

Jerry knew he didn't really mean it. He knew that, and maybe even Nadia knew it, but Ass-ka here didn't have to know that. Certainly wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing that somebody was actually going to care about her dying, least of all him. "You don't have to outrun the bear, bitch-tits! Just gotta trip somebody else so they get eaten instead!"

Yes. Yes, the booing. Uuuunf, it sounded like sex in his ears. 'Whatcha gonna do, bitch?' Jerry thought, getting a little bit of hop in his stance, now flashing a grin he hoped was menacing but was a little giddier than anything. 'Gonna shoot me with those 'shaky hands of yours?'

Not worth actually saying. Not worth actually prodding her anymore. It's not like she was gonna do anything.

"Toby, wait up!" Jerry called, continuing his little strafe-step. Fuckin' daring, DARING Ass-ka to try something. "Jerry muthafuckin' Fury's coming with ya." He jerked his head at Nadia for a second, all 'coming with?', before giving one more look to Asuka.

Your move.
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