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((Alice Baker continued from Down the Rabbit Hole))

It was beginning to feel like Alice was doing laps to and from the asylum and the church, since those were the only places she'd been. Still, the asylum had seemed fairly populated, in a manner of speaking, when she'd last been there. So it was possible her friends would be there.

She felt odd now that she was accompanied. Alice wasn't exactly a loner, but most of her prior interactions had involved anxiety or fear, and a quick departure from the scene shortly afterwards. Keith and Sandra seemed innocuous enough, though.

Plus, it broke the rather grisly routine she'd found herself in. Wander, find people, become frightened, flee or be calmed before leaving, listen nervously to the announcements in preparation for the dreaded words; that Bryony had died.

Because really, of all her acquaintances, Bree was the priority, her closest companion, the one person who she knew well enough that she wanted to protect. They'd been friends since childhood, and if Alice was going to find a friend to be with, she'd want it to be Bryony. Of course, actually protecting Bryony would be basically impossible. What tools did she have besides her physical body, weak as it was? She'd left the pieces of bunting in the church, after all? But her companionship would hopefully be enough.

Standing around in an abandoned asylum with no plans was discouraging though. Alice simply said nothing, pondering, while the other two spoke.
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