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((Cameron Herrig continued from Call Me Maybe))

Everything had fallen apart. At least, in terms of the sanity of everyone on the island.

In the time since they'd left the pub Cameron and Enza hadn't seen anyone else. To call whatever they were doing organised was a stretch, they were just wandering. Eventually they had come to the asylum. Signs of life had been visible during their travels of course but another living person wasn't a thing they'd met. Ultimately it was for the best, Cameron only really wanted to find two other people. That sounded harsh and of course there was no real way to sugar coat, she felt dirty putting value on peoples lives the way she was but Vanessa and Coleen were the most important people on the island, Enzo notwithstanding as they were already with her.

Speaking of Enzo, Cameron was glad for the company they offered her. It was better than solitude by a long way. It was another layer of protection, both physically and mentally. Their friendly presence helped kept Cameron sane. As the days had gone by with them not encountering another person bar the occasional glimpse of a figure moving in a window and other sightings of that sort Cameron had seriously started considering the theory that the island was haunted. She had brought up as much to Enzo at one point but after a few minutes of discussion they'd both just let the topic drift away into the ether.

Eventually the asylum had loomed over them and they'd taken the plunge of entering its decaying structure. Quickly they had found signs of violence and bodies. Eventually they had set up in what was essentially a fat storage closet. The room was massive and full of random junk. Cameron could safely say it looked like shit, granted her hair was also going that way after three days of no washing and hard sleeping. Her pickaxe lay against one of the many metal shelving units in the room as she sat cross-legged munching on one of the random protein bar things they had been given.

She listened as the names of some people she knew and some she didn't were read out. Yep, things were well and truly enveloped by anarchy. Any chance of it just being a select few people killing was out the window as new names kept appearing. Thankfully neither Coleen or Vans made an appearance. In the meantime she decided to check how Enzo was holding up, since they had seemed beaten down by what was happening back at the pub.

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