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((Nate Turner continued from Forget About What I Said))

It had been a tiring trek around the asylum, but at least Nate had had company. They had made small talk, but their efforts were devoted to scavenging rather than friendly chats. They hadn’t found anything particular useful, which was a shame, but Nate was just happy to not be alone for the whole time. By the dawn of the third day, he was glad that they’d helped him stay alive and unharmed as long as he had.

As the day before, the announcements came and were just as grim as they had been yesterday. He didn’t recognise quite as many of the names, and maybe that’s why it stung just a little bit less, but it was still a reminder that everything was going wrong around him. He didn’t cry this time, though.

Yet he was so absorbed with the announcements, trying to decide on just what to do with the information on his rapidly expiring classmates, that he was completely oblivious to Henry’s stealing of all his things.

When the three of them had finally realised what had happened, Nate hadn’t actually burst into tears. He was upset, absolutely, but anger was the more prominent response. After all, he had trusted Henry, invited him in and offered him some food because he thought he was in just as much pain and suffering as the rest of them, and he didn’t want to see anyone going through that. Sure he had no idea what to do with the staff, he didn’t know the first thing about martial arts, and he did feel a bit silly carrying it around the whole time, but it was still his. Between that and the food and supplies he needed to stay alive, he couldn’t stop himself.

“What a dick!”

They were in the basement now, back to scavenging as Nate’s anger turned to bitterness, turning around in his hands the bullwhip that Henry had left behind. He was trying to justify what Henry had done, but not very hard, especially as hunger pangs started to gnaw away at his belly. He didn’t want to ask Ben or Matt to lend him some supplies, they probably needed them more than he did, but every cramp in his gut just rekindled his negative disposition towards Henry the thief.

As they neared the water treatment room, the decaying smell of death assaulted Nate as it had done the other two; gagging, he darted to pull his shirt up over his nose. As he rounded into the room, moving past his two companions, he caught sight of the dead body of Sandy Bricks and gagged just a little bit harder. Still though, he didn’t cry.

He didn’t recognise the winking corpse, definitely not someone he knew, and maybe that helped. Maybe he was just getting used to all this, as horrible as that might sound. He was shaking, and he wanted to freak out, but he was losing the energy for it. He’d never have expected seeing a dead body to be such a low-key experience.

He kept his distance, still looking at Sandy, but not saying a word. He was transfixed, but not a whole lot more.
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