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((Sandra Dyer continued from Down the Rabbit Hole.))

The announcement came again. More people were dead. Some she knew in passing, some whose names barely registered in her brain, and some, like Danny, that she was a bit closer to.

None of them made her feel anything. Other than sick.

Sandra lifted her head from the back of the plush chair she sat in, looking around the room as the announcements ended. She was waiting... for something. She wasn't sure what, but something would have better than nothing.

Maybe someone would come through that door, to keep it interesting. But then, interesting in this situation could just as easily mean fatal, couldn't it?

Keith spoke up.

"I dunno," she said, shrugging. She honestly didn't.

It's not like they could have planned for this. 'Hey, if we ever get kidnapped by terrorists and put on an abandoned island and forced to kill each other, let's meet in the hospital.'

'What if there is no hospital on the island?'

'I dunno then.'

This plan had a lot of holes in it, honestly.
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