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Phew. It was indeed ok and they were in fact cool. Hunky dory. They could move on with their lives, however short they might be.

At least, that would be great if Vanessa had actually believed Alessio, whose pain was plastered on his face about as subtly as a flashing neon heartbreak sign. It wasn’t an unfamiliar face, and often it was followed by some new rumours springing up around her about school. That was always just freaking great, but at least she didn’t have to worry about that out here, she supposed.

“Hey, did you hear about Vanessa dumping that guy? Man, what a fuckin’ tease! Oh sorry, I was supposed to be shooting you in the face, wasn’t I?”

Yeah, not what people were going to care about right now.

She could’ve stayed a little longer and tried to make Alessio feel a bit better, but it had been hard enough to find the right words to let him down gently; how was she supposed to pick him back up again? More importantly, it wasn’t exactly her responsibility. She felt bad that it had turned out awkward like this, really, but it wasn’t as if she’d led on the guy who’s name she still didn’t actually know.

She could’ve asked for that, she supposed, but it was easier to instead make her exit whilst averting eye contact as much as possible. The sooner this was behind her, the better.

((Vanessa Stone continued in Shock Me))
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