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((Kimiko Kao continued from Robber Barons))

The door to the hunting cabin gave a low groan as Kimiko pushed it open and crept inside. She had only slowed her run once she had come to the cabin. There hadn't been much hesitation in her decision to enter it, there was no other safe haven. The library and pub were too close to the gym and Kimiko didn't like the idea of that group leaving and searching for her. Instead she had retraced her steps nearly all the way back to the housing blocks. They had proven to be far less secure and safe then she had originally thought so that left the cabin as her only choice.

As things stood she regretted just walking straight in without properly checking the perimeter or through the windows for signs of life. Instead of that she had to settle for a different way of checking. Slipping the nodachi's rope off her shoulder Kimiko lightly tapped the end of the sword on the wooden flooring. When nothing seemed to stir, she did it again but this time harder. The noise almost seemed to echo through the expansive emptiness of the building but she knew that was ridiculous. After there was no response Kimiko finally allowed herself to relax, letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

The encounter at the slopes had reminded her that there was no safety and that she needed to be constantly vigilant and alert to any threats. The whole thing could have been much worse for her if that other person hadn't shown up. Kimiko wondered if they were still behind her, they had followed her across the slopes she knew that for a fact but she had lost track in her haste to escape.

Her fingers played with the tantō that was in her pocket before closing around its handle as she withdrew it, removing the sheath which she tucked away Kimiko stepped to the side of the door and crouched in the corner waiting.

If they intended to do harm to her, she'd be able to strike before they could.
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