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Kimiko felt like she heard it all at once. The emergence of the second attacker followed by whoever was on the ridge, giving her just enough of a warning to react. She turned and as a result only one of her legs caught a glancing blow from the second attacker, a girl she realised, sending her falling back onto the hard rocks, pain shooting up her back.

From her seated position Kimiko quickly kicked at the girls chest. They meant her harm and she couldn't give them the chance. Without thinking she scrambled to her feet and ran as fast as she could, sword still held tight in her hand, and her pack still over her shoulders. She didn't know who the person on the ridge was, but she hoped they didn't have a gun.

There was no plan for where she was going, Kimiko just knew she needed to get away.

((Kimiko Kao continued in The Lagniappe))
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