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Alba felt a lump in her throat when Bryony made her plea. Arthur and the other girl didn't have much else to say, but Bryony had a lot. Bryony was right. Kimiko wasn't likely to take Alba coming at her with a gun without a fight, and Alba was likely to get hurt or worse. She did promise to protect Bryony, and stopping Kimiko would be doing that. But it would mean leaving Bryony behind to possibly get hurt by other people, or for Alba to get killed before she could protect Bryony.

These choices began to weigh on Alba. She needed to make a decision. The longer she waited, the further Kimiko got away. But she couldn't just leave Bryony.

That's when she made a decision.

"Okay, I won't leave you," Alba said. "But I want to at least try and find her."

Alba held Bradley's gun closer.

"I'll take a quick look outside," Alba said. "I won't go too far, but I'll come back if I can't find her."

Alba gave a smile at Bryony.

"Don't worry. I'll come back. Just wait here for me."

Alba turned and hurried out the door of the gym. She didn't bother looking to see if anyone else was going to follow. She wasn't expecting to finding Kimiko, but if she did, she needed a plan. At the very least, she needed to remember where the gym was so she could get back to Bryony.

((Alba Reyes continued in This time I might just disappear))
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