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"She's holding up as well as you'd think."

There wasn't much Daniel could think about it, really. It was one of those things that was hard to capture in prose, to stencil to canvas. Daniel could remember it vaguely, through the choke and haze that had settled into the dusty ridges of his brain. The books full of Tina's work, wherever they were now, that she'd show him. People were uncommon. Their faces effortlessly detailed and shaded, but the degrees of hue she'd pick would always seem... monotone. Daniel remembered she'd had works put up on Cochise's big ass flanks. He'd gone to go see them even though his alma mater was all the way across town. Kingman High, where the sun bleached the concrete tops and the girls white as the perfect teeth from commercials and adverts.

The works Tina had put up had all been landscapes. Bold, beautiful, breathtaking.

Desolate. Lonely.

"Show some respect."

Daniel had a smile to himself, it broke through the dam of his teeth, pooled into the corners of his mouth. It was a truth he knew. That Tina's response to her own death would have been a load of nothing. Maybe pull up a pencil and a blunt, sketch herself the scene. That was the Tina Daniel knew, the one he spoke to all of never but spent all his time with.

"Like Tina herself would be showing any. If she were here."
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