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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"She's holding up as well as you'd think."

Which was to say, not. The image still burnt in his retinas and churned his stomach and Tina was only his cousin, not his daughter. The pain was unimaginable and the sounds of grief carried in the Arizona air and kept him awake at night no matter where on the compound he was. Maggie's horror and anguish beat down on his shoulders like the fist of God and Crisanto could barely even go near her without feeling his soul knocked to the canvas. In the end she'd approached him to go see Danny, not the other way around. Crisanto had just nodded and gone without the ability to even muster a word.

Funny that she could be going through what no parent ever should and still be thinking about Danny's well being. Danny, of all people. The one who was always ragging on Tina when Crisanto was here, the one who seemed to not have a world beyond this basement room and his stash, the irony of that thought not at all lost on Crisanto himself. Would she have been how she was without Danny's influence? Who knew? She wasn't anything now. Maybe without this guy around, she would have gone down a different path and wouldn't have been on that bus. Crazy talk but crazy talk for crazy times.

The disinterest in Danny's voice raised one of Crisanto's eyebrows but he'd ignored it. Then the mumble, the snide little comment rolling off Danny's oil slick of a tongue.

The air in the room instantly changed from "summer in Arizona" to "winter in Alaska". He stared even knowing Danny probably wouldn't look back at him.

"Show some respect."
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