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Well no points for guessing Cris had seen. That lump of brick he called a body would probably have shaken the house to it's foundations if he'd hit any harder. Daniel stared mindlessly at the photo for a second. The coldly printed set of numbers and syllables beside it.

Mechanical. Maybe that was how it was best described.

Daniel closed the tab.

"Tina's mom, huh?" Maggie had always been looking out for him. Daniel was surprised that was true, even now. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to respond to that. He had never really imagined selflessness was a concept that existed outside of books he had to study for class sometimes. If selflessness was what he could call it.

"How is she?" Daniel wondered if qualifying that with any amount of detail would have made something besides a vague disinterest clear in the tone of his voice. 'Poor Maggie'. 'I can't believe she's still standing'. 'I can't even imagine what she's going through now'.

Daniel stayed silent. For a moment. He felt something noxious sloughing off his tongue. Like a cough, but drier, more peeled directly off the stained alabaster of his bone.

"Heh. You know, Tina always wanted to get a work shown on a news site." She really had. Crazy thing was, Daniel remembered Tina never talked much. She never had to, most of the time. Anything that needed to be said was said in several weights worth of pencil.

"I guess this had to do, eh?" Daniel almost couldn't be heard. He mumbled more to the computer screen than to Cris. Than to himself.
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