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Brendan knew that Jae wouldn't trust him. For a very good reason. However, he was not going to attack Asha because she posed as no threat to him. He wasn't going to hurt every single person that he would come across. Well, not now. To be able to show that he was not going to hurt anyone, was to drop his weapon. Could he really do that? With Jae somewhat threatening to maybe kill him?

Not a bad idea. It would be what you deserve, Brendan.

A dark thought, yes. Brendan felt a bit ill thinking about it. He was being selfish. He couldn't let that happen. Not when one of his friends were here. He couldn't abandon her. He wanted to stay by Dorothy's side. He wanted to protect her. Maybe Asha as well. Jae might not want him along but.... Well, that was too bad. Brendan was going to stick around for a while.

When Asha mentioned Brendan's award at the radio tower, he felt a pang of guilt and his heart felt a little broken. He hadn't wanted to remember about it. But now that she had said about it. He had to disagree with her. He had to go and get it sooner or later for a pretty obvious reason.

"Asha, you shouldn't be proud of me..." Brendan was speaking more clearly as he focused his attention on her. "I was planning on getting it later. I don't want it to be left there in case someone else will get it and use it for bad intentions. I kill.... killed Jeremiah. Because I thought that I was doing the right thing by trying to stop him and Michael from killing a girl. Now.... Now I'm not so sure. What I did.... was unforgivable...."

Brendan dropped his improvised weapon and he listened to it scatter to the ground. He was silent for a second. He slowly stepped forward towards where Dorothy was standing. Hoping that Jae would not take a shot at him. Would she be scared of him? Knowing what he had done? He wanted to know how she felt. It felt important to him. But how could he ask her?

"Dorothy.... I...."

He couldn't get any words out.
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