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"We're not going to look for him?"

Jordan had expected her to panic too. He hadn't expected this. This didn't look like surprise, fear, panic, none of the emotions that he had expected were there. Only what sounded like disappointment in Hazel's voice as she stared at the ground.

Why would anyone just leave like that in the middle of the night? Leaving his girlfriend behind no less. What would it take for someone to decide that after reuniting with someone the best idea was to have sex and then disappear again? Was he really that much of a jerk to think that this was okay?

But despite everything he was thinking, Jordan said nothing else, unable to decide on anything to say. There were too many thoughts, worries, ideas, and they all floated through his head and refused to settle down for longer than a moment.

The silence dragged for a moment too long.

Hazel wasn't going to say anything else and he wasn't going to ask anything and they were in this stupid impasse where each passing moment made it even more awkward to say anything else.

She knew why he'd gone. Jordan was sure of that. Something must have happened last night, and he was sure that it would explain everything. And yet he couldn't bring himself to ask her what had happened.

Part of it was being nice, of she didn't want to talk about what had happened last night of her own accord, who was he to ask? And yet more of it was fear, fear that he'd say something stupid, fear that'd he'd make her feel worse, fear that'd he'd let her find out that he knew what had happened last night.

"Fine, we'll go," he said finally, his exasperation clear in his voice. He didn't need an answer anyway. He couldn't undo anything that had happened, he could only just pick up the pieces and carry on.

((Jordan Green continued in Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill your Friends.))
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