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Dorothy and Asha weren't on the same wavelength. They wanted the same thing: peace and no fighting. Something was, however, not agreeable about Brendan's case. Asha wanted him to not get his award while Dorothy wanted Brendan to go get it. Not because of the obvious "kill people with your new toy" reason but more along the line of "if they had it, nobody could have it" reason. She wanted to get the threat in her hands and dump it in the ocean or somewhere.

Or maybe keep it around and scare future encounters off but they had the taser at the moment, and really, she didn't want to carry a gun that could accidentally fire or something. She wanted to keep her body in one piece, and while that may not stay like that forever, the longer before the cut the better.

This little detail stayed on Dot's mind, and she started to think about the possibilities. She determined that it was too early to reveal her plan to the group since they were dealing with another issue at the moment. They could brainstorm together after this.

So, Dot kept analyzing and decrypting the scene behind her red glasses. Her eyes shifted right and left, up and down, and she came down to a conclusion.

The biggest threat was Jae then it was Brendan. The former was distracted by Asha, and she had the taser so one zap and the duo would be in control o the situation and the deadly weapon. Brendan was a wild card, he could do something like running up to Dot, totally innocuous and innocent, and Jae would consider him a threat and he'd be shot.

Since Asha handled Jae, it was Dot's responsibilities to handle Brendan. She squeezes her hands together and rubbed them a tiny bit. Time to create some magic.

"I second that, let's not hurt each other. Right Brendan?"
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