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Crazy hair... Caedyn Miller. Henry described something along the lines of a dyke, so it fit. Yeah. It made sense. She'd been somewhere on the preemptive shit list, pulling some kinda rank. Now she was just a she. Just another target to be, of something along the lines of righteous justice.

"Yeah man, you can definitely stick around. Safety in numbers, that shit." They were moving. Unfortunately the weapons still looked less than ideal for the war that was to be waged. But what was it they said? Guns didn't kill people. People killed people.

Ben would have debated calling a killer anything along the lines of 'person'.

Nate and Ben also mobilized. There wasn't much left to say, after all this. Ben had spent long enough trying to talk, and he wouldn't let himself forget that. A bag on Ben's shoulder didn't weigh quite as much as his conscience. Thoughts felt heavy when they were of failure. But his feet felt light.

So march on.

((Ben Fields and Nate Turner continued in Coming Out Of The Closet))
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