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Hazel picked her things up and put her clothes back on. She felt more alone than ever and without looking at Min, went back to her spot in back of the car near Jordan. Tears started trickling down her face. Part of her hoped Min would hear her crying and maybe come check on her and they could talk things out, but another part was terrified of that exact scenario and wanted to just be left there. Crying always tuckered her out more than anything though and she fell asleep quickly.

Hours later the bright light of morning found its way into the vehicle depot.

Hazel blinked her eyes a few times and was pulled out of sleep by hearing her name. Wasn't someone supposed to have woken her up for her shift? She rubbed her eyes and Jordan's hazy frame started to take shape.

Slowly, she sat up and tried to push down her hair. A jacket slipped off of her. She caught it by the sleeve and looked around. Her eyebrows came up in concern and she frowned slightly.


Hazel realized what he was asking and she looked around frantically. Nothing was left of Min besides a few energy bars. She picked one up and looked at Jordan, eyes welling up a again.

"I think he left," she said quietly, still holding a food bar. She dropped it and slid out of the back of the car, sniffling a bit.

"Can we please go?" she asked, eyes on the ground.

((Hazel Jung continued in Woof Woof, I'm a Dog Kill Your Friends))

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