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((Henry Spencer continued from Forget About What I Said))

Well, they'd looked up for a little while.

Henry had hung out with the others until the morning. Thankfully, they gave him a ration of food and water when the rest of them ate that night, which was kind. He wished he had more food for himself, of course, but he'd make due. Better something than nothing. He'd even slept better that night than the one before. Waking up was the problem.


Jae had killed someone. A guy, named Samuel Howard, whom Henry didn't know. Jae was...Henry cared about him. He wasn't always nice, and he had a temper, but he was a good guy at heart. Henry really liked him, and if Jae wasn't with Hazel he might've asked him out or something. He was scared Jae would die here before he could tell him that. But instead, Jae'd murdered someone. Beaten them to death, apparently. Not just Henry's worst nightmare, but the photo negative of it.

Henry didn't understand how it could happen.

All his life he'd watched horror, but even the gnarliest slasher movies with mundane, 'sympathetic' human killers, he'd found murder to be an alien thing. Not something a 'real' person did, but a philosophical zombie, existing to bring about death like a psychopomp or something. But it seemed Jae, Oskar, Brendan had all murdered. Isabel, Nancy, and even the mute girl from the comic shop Kimiko had all killed two or three people now. It was unfathomable that they could do that to someone. These were people he knew, and they must've known their victims.

Even then, he had to wonder if he was better than them, after what he'd done.

When the announcement had played, the group had listened in quietly; it wasn’t like morning announcements at school, where everyone chatted and whispered and gossiped over the teacher’s voice. Of course, said his logical side; this wasn’t just some school announcement. Every word mattered. Every name.

When they’d said Jae’s name, Henry reacted like sodium in water; violently. He’d been splayed out on the ground, but he bolted upright and then was on his feet a moment later. In a split second, tons of thoughts flooded him, but one thing was certain.

He had to find Jae.

So he ran. But he didn’t have the decency to leave the group normally, apparently, because before he could find words, he had picked up Nate’s bag and quarterstaff and made a run for it. He’d stolen from them after all, and hadn’t even had the decency to apologize on his way out.

That bothered him a lot, for some reason. Of course, thieves don’t apologize for their crimes, generally. But he wasn’t a criminal, or so he felt. He was desperate and couldn’t afford to slow down and think about what he was doing. So he betrayed the trust of people, once more. The consequences it could have on them might trickle down onto other people. They might run out of supplies themselves, and steal from someone else. Or worse.

Also he left behind his whip in the process. That also made him sad.

Of course, Henry had no clue where Jae had done his…activity. So he figured he’d search the island from the bottom up, travel out and look through the rest of the island. The docks seemed a reasonable place for that plan, so he walked there. By mid-morning, Henry was walking along the piers, bag over his shoulders, staff held in both hands like an oversized baseball bat. It was ungainly and probably useless for a weapon, but it'd do. Not like he had something else.

Lost in thought, he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings. So he tripped on a loose piece of wood and fell prone. "Ow..." He grumbled, standing back up.
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