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"Yeah, it's not a problem," Cass said; trying not to dwell on their envy of Irene having found friends to lose. They couldn't imagine any reasonable circumstance where you could somehow manage to separate yourself from the people you cared about during the last days of your life. Cass knew that if they ever found Bernie or Clarice, they'd give anything to stay with her; thoughts of being a burden swept away by the sheer comfort of being with a dear friend.

That didn't mean their disbelief at Irene's circumstances was any less stupid or uncharitable, though. Cass knew it was none of their business, and there had definitely been much left unspoken. Still, her luck stung. Just a little.

These thoughts derailed as a fourth person stumbled across the tragedy scene, unfamiliar and giving them nothing to go off of.

"Uh, hey." Cass waved half-heatedly.
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