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((Matt Moradi continued from Forget About What I Said))

The announcement came and went. He really, honestly, didn't care. No one he knew, just like last time. Still, he made sure to listen closely - maybe there would be someone he did know. That'd certainly ruin his day. But it hadn't happened yet - and he wasn't sure if it'd ever happen, so he had to question whether or not it was worth it to really listen closely to anything other than the names of the killers. People to avoid.

This whole asylum, he thought, was a place to avoid. He also had to question why he'd come here - Nate dragged him here. Nate also let Henry in, but he couldn't really fault him too much for that. Henry didn't look like a threat, sure, but anyone can be a thief. He wondered what he'd do if he ever ran into him again. Nothing, probably, but he fantasized about kicking his ass if he found him alone. The right thing to do, in his mind.

Walking down the stairs, the first thing he noticed was the smell. The smell and the water. The whole place was waterlogged, he thought - anything worth taking in the past was either rusted to the point of uselessness or too filthy for him to want to touch. The filth, of course, was something he didn't want to think too hard about. The entire place was, in two words, fucking dirty.. not thinking about it was an uphill battle.

"Oh, fuck this." was all he had to say on the matter. Fuck this basement and fuck this entire island, he thought.

The room he had entered was worse than he could imagine. Tubs filled with water that hadn't been drained for what must be years and, somehow, the smell had gotten worse. Worse than anything he'd ever smelt before. Almost on reflex, he covered his nose and choked out the words, "What the FUCK is that smell?"

Then he saw it. The source of the smell.

A corpse - something he was sure he'd see sooner or later, but also something he'd have enjoyed to see under better circumstances. A stupid fantasy of his. It was still somewhat recognizable, so he could likely recognize them if he knew them. He couldn't look long enough to tell. He froze in place and said some choice words, trying his hardest to look away.

"Fuck this. Holy fucking shit, this is fucked."

He didn't care to think about how the others would react.
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