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Asha internally berated herself for not taking a moment to compose herself more before she'd spoken. Her voice had been too weak, playing perfectly into the loose script they were all following; discounting Dot's heroic attempt at a cheery wave. She'd hoped her comment would have deescalated the situation a bit, but no; Brendan was still standing and mumbling with spear in hand, and Jae was still treating the situation with a deadly seriousness. Bless his heart for trying to "protect" them, but she'd really prefer that no one caught a crossbow bolt on her behalf.

Things could be so simple, everyone just had to take a second to breath and it would all work out. Asha liked Jae, it looked like Dot liked Brendan. All they had to do was unite their reunions and they could stop worrying about dying or killing for a while. Now that she got a good look at him, Jae looked... pretty fucked up! All that stress couldn't be good for him, or his complexion.

Time to get to work. All smiles.

"Thought never crossed my mind!" Asha said brightly, nonchalantly shrugging as she lowered her hands to her sides and hoping the gesture didn't look too much like one of Isabel's fucking smug shrugs. Smrugs. She walked closer to Jae, settling down on the back of a pew roughly between the two groups.

"And I mean, Brendan's obviously cool too. If he was a bastard he'd be picking up his shiny award right about now, but he's here instead! Way to stick it to the bad man, Brendan. I'm proud of you," Asha continued, flashing him a grin and wishing she could have seen Isabel's face when she'd learned that she had missed her second chance at being recognized for being a homicidal maniac after killing one of Asha's best friends. She snorted a bit at the thought before realizing that laughter might make her seem just a bit insincere about the whole "congratulations" business.

She hoped she was right about Brendan's intentions, but even if she wasn't; nothing like a good guilt trip to try and force him to be a better person. "So, can we all just calm down? Please?"
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