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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"I guess you want some of whatever's left of the supply. Help yourself man."

"No." It was a few seconds, some of them spent pondering if Danny's assumption counted as rude, before Cris remembered basic manners. "But thank you."

"It's, uh, been a while. Hasn't it."

"Yes. Maggie asked me to check on-"

The computer screen faced Danny's door and Crisanto was used to not looking directly at it out of respect for privacy but for just a second he got a full view of what was on it and that was enough. His feet launched him backwards as quickly as he'd stepped into the room but at an angle. 170-some pounds slammed into the doorframe with a thud as if Crisanto had swung his bat at it. There would be a slight bruise later.

Tina. Poor Tina, never given enough credit. Reduced to a number and a lump of decaying meat. He wasn't watching but Grandfather was and anything the Luz patriarch witnessed the whole clan soon knew about but Crisanto hadn't wanted to see. Acid kissed the lining of his throat, slowly creeping up the oesophagus like vines along an ancient wall. Even with his eyes shut he saw blood and sinew and the cold numeric designation. As if his cousin were some kind of lab animal.

He had never, ever wanted to see. Not her, not any of them. Some called it cold. He called it the only reaction that wasn't. He stood there breathing shallow breaths for a long moment before he could pretend at composure, squinting his eyes to see Danny without seeing the cousin that no longer existed.

"...Yeah. She wanted somebody to come check on you, so here I am."
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