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Vanessa did not stay. Did not want to stay. Wanted to leave him alone.

She could not even recall his name. She did not know him. Even though Al sometimes...had spoken to her. Or, at least...tried. She knew him, though. Al knew that she at least knew him, met him, at school, eye contact happened, rarely.

And she wants to go. Until some other time. Huh. Whatever that meant. It...meant nothing good for Al.


Heartache. He wanted a hug. He wanted to listen to glass being broken.

What was worse? The tears? The running nose? The weird feeling in his stomach? The fact that she did not even recall his name?

No, the worst was that Al had called her a bitch in his head. He would never do that. The Alessio from yesterday would have killed him for doing such a terrible thing, but yet, 'bitch' was all that he could think of. The anger was the worst.

He could not stare at her anymore, so his eyes focussed on the sunset, ignoring the beauty. Hands in pockets, tears on the ground.
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