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(Keith Bauer continued from Down the Rabbit Hole)

Keith's mood had deteriorated significantly since they had left the chapel the day before. He hadn't wanted to be alone, sure, but searching for other people's friends wasn't great either. It hadn't been his initial plan. The initial plan with Joshua had been to find a way out, to escape, or get rescued, or however he wanted to think of it. What were Alice and Sandra going to do once they found their friends anyway, wait for death?

Death was coming too. The morning announcement had proven it. Brendan Harte had won that killer prize. Nancy, Isabel, and Kimiko had all killed again. Jasmine hadn't. That feeling of wrongness in his gut came back again. He wasn't sure if he believed it was all Jasmine's fault anymore. She had accused he and Joshua of trying to kill her. She had seemed crazy, but if she assumed everyone was out to get her wouldn't she have killed again? It could have been Joshua's fault.

He looked out the window at the morning sun while his fingers absently twisted the knob on the ancient radio. Part of him wondered how many more times he had to see the sun rise.

Keith hadn't wanted to return to the asylum either, but the biggest building on the island was probably the best place to find others. He wasn't really sure that he wanted them to succeed. What if the people they were looking for were killers? That would be a problem. More importantly, there was that question of what would happen next. Keith didn't want to just wait for death, but looking for their friends seemed like a way to waste time while doing so.

He sighed and looked over his shoulder towards the others.

"Any, shit, any idea where your friends would be at?"

They better have an idea. Random wandering wasn't what he wanted.
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