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(Dorothy was taken to church)

The announcements were rough. The first one still echoed in her head and the second one dropped a bomb on Asha. She lost a friend and to make it worse, it was Iz that killed him.

Asha's words did nothing to stop the killing, and the implication that he died right after their meeting made it so much worse. They had the opportunity to stop her, but try let her go.

Next time, Iz won't leave. Dot would make her stay. Tie her up or something then take her stuff and leave. Like that, she could hurt no-one again. The idea of harming her, other than the bruises made by a couple of swings of the escrima sticks, was out of question. She wouldn't become like her.

At the moment, Dot and Asha had to deal with something else than a killer. They had to deal with two.

The vampire looking goth didn't register, Dorothy didn't know his name, actually she thought he was a girl for a moment. When Asha said his name, it connected to this morning's announcement and she knew that he was trouble.

Maybe. The odds of the murder being self-defense were there. Not 100%, but Dot hoped it was the case.

The urge of running and hug the second killer started when Dorothy saw Brendan. She wanted to hug him and tell him it's going to be okay, and, with Asha, they'd find a way out.

But the announcement played in her head, again.

Jeremiah. Stabbed. Radio tower.

He did that, and won something out of it. Shudders crawled on her back, but she couldn't run away. She had two friends here, maybe a third one even, and they were going to stick together.

Or at least, Brendan and Asha will and Jae will leave quietly. That was realistic, right?

"Hi Brendan!" She waved at him from behind the shoulder of Asha, she said the same to Jae, just with less energy.

She was ready to pull on Asha's sleeve and to book it, but she hid that behind a smile.
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