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Isabel sighed contently as she felt the thrill of the slaughter once again.

The mix of emotions she felt shortly after the life left her victim's eyes was just as intoxicating now as it was with Tina. The satisfaction she got from hurting, the rush of causing pain. She had someone's life in her hands... and then she took it away, empowering her own agency by depriving them of theirs.

However, this time it felt slightly different. As Isabel stared into Danny's glassy eyes, the feeling faded far more quickly than it did after she killed Tina or Conrad. Instead of feeling a residual satisfaction from her actions, all she felt was disappointment. Killing Danny may have been enjoyable in the moment, but he was still a friend. Being forced to kill him here was a waste of resources, a waste of something she was mildly attached to.

Sentimentality wasn't what she needed now, though. With both Asha and Danny having betrayed her trust, Isabel was certain there really was nobody else on the island that was willing to ally with her. Even though they should have been able to trust her just fine, they didn't know she would betray them eventually after all, how could they? No point in giving any of them her own trust. She was alone until everyone else was dead. That was the only path forward. She was going to win, and she was going to enjoy herself along the way. She was the only one that mattered enough, nobody else was that important.

Isabel glanced around at her surroundings. The hallways whispered quietly from the rush of wind outside as the last of Danny's blood pooled around his desecrated corpse. For the first time, Isabel was legitimately unnerved, and chose to leave the body behind, the fading remnant of any connection she had to the days before the island.

Nothing was left but to kill more and survive.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in TFW you will never find out what's in the basement))
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