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((Rene Wolfe continued from Early Morning in the Garden of Good and Evil))

They had stayed at the cabin all day and night, but Sandra never showed up. For that matter, no one else had approached the cabin either. It was bizarre, but strangely comforting. For one day they had a mostly peaceful rest in a shelter that, while not exactly pristine, was head and shoulders above sleeping on the ground outside.

Speaking of which, their old campsite was the trio's first destination after they left the cabin behind. The logic behind this decision was that if they went back to the last place they saw Sandra, then they might be able to find her there. Rene did have her misgivings about the plan, largely involving the fact that they had no way to predict what Sandra's movements would be, but she did have to admit that it was the closest thing to a lead that they could come up with. Besides, maybe Sandra dropped something when she fled and came back once the Danger Zone cleared to pick it up? Sure, it sounded pretty cliche, but at least it was a possibility.

Also, one of the perks of not having to gather up and clear out immediately this time was that Rene got more time to really listen to the announcements and let them sink in. While Rene did a much better job of absorbing the information this time, she was also immediately hit with the realization of what had been happening to her friends while she spent all day sitting in a cabin trying to come up with new material. Jane from theater club? Dead. Jerry, who she used to talk comedy with? Dead. Jasmine? Killed herself. For some reason, hearing that she and Mitch had offed themselves hurt Rene a little more than the rest of the deaths. The idea of seeing no way out other than death, to the point that they would do the deed themselves... that scared the hell out of her. No matter what, she hoped that she never reached that point.

The only real bright spot in the announcements is that Sandra wasn't mentioned at all, so even though she never met up with them at the cabin, she was still out there somewhere, alive and hopefully unhurt. They still had a chance to meet up with her, however slim it may be.

Even though the death announcements kept playing over in her mind, she felt a need to keep up appearances. She had been the joker of the group, or one of the two along with Noah at the least. She had been coming up with quips in response to everything that had been happening to them so far. Even if she didn't always draw a laugh, she liked to think that she was doing her part to help keep spirits up if nothing else. With things getting bleaker by the day and no sign of improvement on the horizon, they would certainly need morale to keep them going.

Upon reaching the shoreline, everything was almost suspiciously similar to how it was when they had departed the previous morning. It made sense, since the area was completely off-limits on penalty of death, but to see everything still in place after a full 24 hours was more than a bit unnerving. Invoking her self-appointed role, she brushed those feelings off and offered her take on the situation.

"Well, it's nice that they kept it clean for us."
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