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((Brendan Harte continued from No Time For Sorrow))

Brendan just had been wandering around for a long time until he arrived at the chapel. He observed it from the outside. He decided that he should hide out here after he had heard the announcements. He knew that sooner or later anyone who had been friends with.... with....

Brendan didn't want to remember the name. He only just felt more shame. More guilt. He thought about what he had done. He didn't like the feeling of people coming after him to avenge their friend. But he had been the one who made the choice to take someone's life to save someone else's.

Jeremiah Larkin.

That had been his name. When he had been alive before Brendan had put an end to it. It was pretty horrifying that he could end a life so easily. Just like that. It made Brendan want to never hurt anyone else. He didn't want to see his friends. Not yet. He couldn't search for them right now. He had too much on his mind. He needed to be alone.

He hadn't been able to sleep that well. As he had been having nightmares about Larkin. He hated the asylum with a deep passion. So he left early in the morning. Or what he thought was the morning. He had wandered around aimlessly until he had heard the announcements that had shattered his heart. He won something at the radio tower but he didn't want to go there. At least not right now.

Brendan made his way closer to the chapel, making sure to keep the spear close to his side. He didn't hold it up in a defensive way as he thought there was no reason for him to do so. He just wanted to get inside. Calm his nerves. Eat a little of his food. Maybe pray. He didn't really know.

Brendan took a deep breath. Then he went through the entrance and he made his way inside. He glanced around to see if anybody else was there. He should have been more cautious.

Not your brightest move, Brendan....
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