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Trav shrugged and forced a smile.

"Sure thing. That's what we're basically doing anyway."

Was Irene acting weird? Yes. Was it entirely understandable? Yes. Trav wasn't going to blame the girl for reacting the situation she found herself in the way she was. It wasn't her fault they were on the island. Trav was one-hundred percent certain no one woke up in the morning wanting to end up in a Survival of the Fittest game. It wasn't something normal people prepared for mentally or physically in their everyday lives. Hell he'd been training to fight people for a living and he wasn't certain he'd be able to deal with every situation that came his way. His only real goal was finding Noodle and looking after Cass. What was one more person? The cynical part of Trav also thought that having a girl with a shotgun in their group would be a great deterrent for anyone planning on attacking them.

Then some other boy approached them from around the vegetation. Trav felt his body tense, preparing to strike if the need arose. The boy didn't look like anything special and didn't appear to have a weapon. After the shotgun, Trav appeared to be the apex predator in the jungle the gardens had become. Luckily the boy put to rest any doubt about his intentions when he announced his presence. He knew Irene and didn't appear to be making any moves to attack. Trav had no idea who he actually was though.

"Hey." Trav raised a hand in greeting. Suddenly Trav missed how quiet the roof had been.
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