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Cameron looked at Tessa and blinked a few times before looking over at Enza. Tessa had almost had her there, up until the end.

"I don't think it'll work."

Cameron shook her head.

"What's to stop them figuring this whole plan out before you've built your machine and then they just kill us. Hell that video had fucking sound. For all we know they just heard everything you said and are just waiting for us to agree to go along with this plan before they blow all our heads off."

She didn't like the plan at all. It wasn't the unknown quantity of whether it would work or not. It was all the variables and things that could have gone wrong. The car batteries could have been dead, the supply depot might not have had the tools they needed. Cameron didn't want to have a scavenger hunt with the potential of death hanging over her head. Nope. It had the potential to waste her remaining time and that was something Cameron couldn't easily commit too. Not without seeing Coleen or Vans. She needed to know they were alright. There was also one other big issue with the entire plan as well.

Cameron gently scratched at the scars on her wrist and met Tessa's gaze.

"Plus, you're a bitch." Cameron slowly levered herself up and swung her bag over her shoulder. "I'd rather spend my time looking for my friends than with you."

Hopping over to the door Cameron rested one hand on it and turned back to Vinny.

"You coming with?"
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