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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Caedyn's eyes narrowed on the gun across the hall as soon as Nancy announced herself. She wasn't going to hurt them. The little nobody was already getting ready to run, and there wasn't any patience for that. She was happy to melt into the role of the lover for a moment, but if Nancy wanted to make her a predator again...

Well she'd be happy to perform.

"Could you not?" Her heart was pounding. Jazzy would be able to feel her tension, her anxiety, but she wouldn't let any of it show to the rodent down the hall. It could be handled easily enough. "We're all killers here. You can, like, spare the fucking theatrics, okay?" Her head cocked backwards towards the stairwell. "I heard you talking. You wouldn't hurt Jazzy, and if you tried to hurt me, there's a boy with a gun downstairs who would get very, very upset." The tight hug she held her girlfriend in helped still the trembling of her body. "Either put that away or get out of here before he sees it. You don't wanna end up like the last girl that threatened us."

People needed to understand their place. Caedyn saw the same sort of uppity look in Nancy's eyes that had been in Oskar's when he told her to leave. Give someone a gun and let them kill a couple people and suddenly they forgot their position in the whole social pecking order. Maybe they thought it was done and now they were at the top.

But obviously she wasn't. If she was, she would have shot them, and she wouldn't be trying to run away. She just wanted to feel like someone important. As if she had authority.

Caedyn would disabuse her of that notion here and now, before it became trouble later. It'd be nice if Oskar would actually turn up to back up her threat though.
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