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So it was decided. For the time being, they would set up shop at the cabin and see if Sandra showed up anytime soon. This was fine by Rene. At least if they stick around this somewhat decently-furnished cabin, there was a chance that Rene would actually be able to sleep in a bed, or at least maybe a chair. Plus, they had some shelter from the weather, the sun, and, well... the rest of the island, really. No complaints about that.

Rene gave a thumbs-up to Noah as he headed out to take watch. She realized that with this plan in place, she suddenly had a wealth of free time and no predetermined way to spend it. She walked around the cabin for a few minutes, not really sure what to do with herself while she waited for an update from Noah. All things considered, it was pretty damn boring. She had never realized before just how easily she got bored when there was nothing to do.

She walked into the bedroom and nodded to Blair before slowly lowering herself into a chair, remembering Blair's earlier explanation of what happened when she sat in one of the chairs. Once Rene was settled and the chair had remained intact, she tapped her fingers on the armrest and looked around the room. Just like the rest of the cabin, it was old and dusty, and if Rene's instincts were right, there were probably some spiders hidden away somewhere. She rested her cheek in her hand and turned to face Blair.

"So hey, you ever wondered about Golden Corral?"

If she was going to be hanging around for a while, she might as well take the opportunity to try out some new material.

((Rene Wolfe continued in Let's Awaken, By The Day))
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